The Glass is Half Full

What a weekend, big winds radically changed the snowpack.  That said, the beauty of skiing and riding is that the mountain changes every day and it is really fun to adapt to whatever it is serving up that day. 

Yesterday, was about finding the fetches, the places where the snow blew into.  My daughter and I found it on Short Snort and Zaugg Dump.  Be careful of the brush on Zaugg before you get to the main shot, which is chalky and smooth. 

Ruthie’s is the best cruising on the mountain, but don’t stop at the lift, hit spring pitch-strawpile-fifth avenue all the way to 1A.  Red’s run off the top of Ruthie’s also benefitted from the winds, the left side is smooth and clean. 

Ruthie’s is the best cruising on the mountain. Photo by Jeremy Swanson.

The best runs on Snowmass include Sneaky’s, Whispering Jesse and all of the runs off Elk Camp, also the Snowmass Park, Little Makaha and Lowdown are providing top-shelf jibbing.

At Highlands, Deception, Scarlett’s, Thunderbowl and Golden Horn have been skiing well and G5 is the best bet in the Highland Bowl.

At Buttermilk, the 22 foot superpipe is in excellent shape. Ptarmigan Glade, Sterner, Tiehack Trail and Javelin off of the new Tiehack Express chair are skiing well and the gentler slopes on West Buttermilk are wall-to-wall corduroy. 

The superpipe at Buttermilk is in prime shape. Photo by Dave Amirault.

Right now we currently have over 3,500 acres open, 30 lifts, 238 trails, five terrain parks, one 22 foot Superpipe and the 12 foot Lowdown Pipe, offering many options for our guests.

More snow is forecasted for this Saturday, but in the meantime that means there will be plenty of sun and softening of the snow, so enjoy it and keep looking for new lines and stick to the sides of the trails, it’s softer and more consistent.

-Mike Kaplan, CEO Aspen/Snowmass


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